Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service - call us first if you think you have a slab leak
Do you have foundation issues? Call Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service first!

One of the costliest repairs that a home or business owner can face is a shift in the foundation, which can cause significant structural damage to the property if left unrepaired. Although it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the actual cause of a foundation shift, it can most likely be attributed to excessive rain or drought, and/or improper drainage; however, leaks on your plumbing system under the slab foundation can contribute to one of the main causes for foundation issues.

When you contact your foundation company, their first response is usually, “Have you contacted your plumber to have your plumbing system tested?” A Hydro-Static test on the water service system and a Static-Head test on the sewer service system is a quick, reliable and inexpensive way to determine whether you have plumbing issues that could cause your foundation problems.

The importance of knowing whether you have plumbing issues that can affect your foundation is due to the fact that when you have a leak or break on your plumbing system, it creates saturation, wash-out and cavities, and in a lot of the soils in the Metroplex it has the opposite effect that can absorb the moisture and create an upheaval. This is why the foundation companies need to make sure there is no moisture under the foundation so they can proceed with their repair of your home or business.

Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service - call us first if you think you have a slab leak Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service - call us first if you think you have a slab leak
  • Settling or upheaval in the foundation
  • Cracks developing on walls or floors
  • Excessive moisture under carpet or buckling of floors
  • Hear water running but nothing is on
  • Excessive stoppages
  • Sink holes or cavities around foundation

These are just some of many common symptoms
that may indicate plumbing related issues.

Line Locate – If a leak is detected, your next step would be to have Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service perform a line locate which is a diagnostic isolation investigation process using sewer video camera equipment. This procedure allows us to pinpoint exactly where your leak is, and assists us in determining how best to access the leak for repairs.

Repairs – Once the leak is located, Dal-Worth Plumbing & Sprinkler Service will be able to provide a quote for the actual repairs that may consist of accessing through concrete or through the tunneling process.

Dal-Worth takes special care to minimize the inconvenience to you, your family and your home during the process of determining a leak, as well as locating and repairing it. You can rest easy by choosing Dalworth Plumbing, The Line & Leak Location Specialists.

Contact our friendly office staff today so we can schedule you for your plumbing test to help you solve your foundation troubles.
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